Wednesday, March 20, 2013

jordans shoes cheap Chi the first ruler no exception

Chi the first ruler no exception, he can not withstand the consequences of all magic weapon damage when the magic weapon for all to take it back, the drum sound attack force transferred to him, jersey feel as an independent boat in the sea, in the huge waves in the constant ups and downs, but did not capsize tenacious; does not capsize because from his strong a huge Shashen of spiritual power, single computing drum sound is not particularly tough, its tough place no interval,jordans shoes cheap, a wave of Kuangyong from wave, so that the jersey's spiritual power is consumed. the body bones drum sound caused by the pressure of the system gurgling sounds, facial features at their own blood spill, enormous spiritual power can only be maintained throughout body not be tumbled, but all-pervasive tone of attack, but while consumption jersey spiritual power, washed his facial features and bone. "stupid." when Jiangan does not support, jersey fierce flash, cursed soon after,air jordan football cleats, the "feathering Chizuru spell cast out, flapping its wings fast toward Shangcuan go, the huge strong evil spiritual power reserves, jersey have been able to support out of the shadow of the drum sound; around is still a dark, but the row back down the sea like a drum sound disappeared jersey large relief operation immediately after Heart began to reject the spiritual power, spiritual power scattered empty is a rather time-consuming, especially high repair comprehension for all spiritual power emptying, jersey feel a burst of dizziness, the spiritual power to do empty flight spell a natural death, the body suddenly to fall to the fall of the speed is not fast, jersey able to feel at some distance yourself The body always slightly pause before the drum sound does not occur again. I do not know how long, when the body after the ninth standstill shortly after, jersey abruptly feeling shines, startled his spirit, immediately began with the top grade crush the hands clenched, Lingshi behind spiritual power flowing in the body, with the operation of the Heart, the spiritual force toward body continued to spread open; one grade the Lingshi behind spiritual power, jersey is like a drop in the ocean, but he did not dare to supplement the spiritual power, the ghost know below what the situation. supplement spiritual force, only to avoid being killed, while nine body before a pause, let him confidence again full nine standstill sure it is nine organs; now nine organs were touch and broken, he resumed the spiritual power naturally be attacks do not have to worry about. the body steadily falls on a chaos rubble on the ground here very well, the sun also can not be irradiated to this, but the jersey was able to feel here seems light irradiation, but he did not to the light source; carefully observed around to be discovered around there is no spiritual power fluctuations, jersey slightly relieved that no spiritual power fluctuations, on behalf of what monster with comprehension by the spiritual power in the air is stable, unless comprehension to absorb the spiritual power, otherwise not what the frequency of fluctuations. naturally clear bell the peak snow at the end of the palace entrance, jersey in the rubble to find that at the bubbling springs and Chung, then spread in the spring four weeks the two were inscribed "bell" ; stone characters with "drum", moved to the spring at the spring

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