Monday, April 8, 2013

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Heard Shuitianyise manor villas for sale, you go tomorrow to inquire, go take a look, If you're happy, it bought it. "Li Shizhong said Jane." What Shuitianyise manor? you want to buy a villa there? "the Huangfu Park Jada wide open two beautiful eyes, could not believe their ears camel asked one." ah, is Shuitianyise manor where I was some time ago I heard where villas for sale I thought should have not sold out, tomorrow you find someone to inquire about, if the price feels right to use your name to fix it up first. "Li Shizhong, Jane does not like a joke to say. "You know, there is a villa How much does it cost you? least have to be tens of millions, you want to buy a villa there? This will not be a high fever Shao Shao confused?" Huangfu Park Ya talking Station up around the coffee table, walked ten Jane Lee in front, projecting a soft jade body Li Shizhong,fake oakley sunglasses, Jane's forehead gently touched a faint hint of the aroma, With the the Huangfu Park elegant Jiaoqu, hand spread Li Shizhong, Jane nose, so he felt very good news, "his mother, you bitch dare to take liberties with the boy?" Li Shizhong, Jane has always been bold, not to mention the Huangfu Park elegant looks of this on the eye candy, so he would have heart endless, and now has been so opportunities where willing to easily let go? Jane rapid Li Shizhong a deft and fast Conspire caught Huangfu Park Ya want to back out of the Yu Wan, along the gently toward pregnant. Huangfu Park elegant slender weak qualitative woman, which to be able to endure this gently along the Li Shizhong, Jane, not to mention that she was not mentally prepared, "Ah!" light calls out, Li Shizhong Jane into the arms quickly let go, "What do you want? ... ... "the Huangfu Park Ya Li ten Jane arms twist struggling, trying to get out Li Shizhong, Jane's embrace, her lips screaming despite a Yu Wan Li Shizhong Jane seize unable to move, she wielded the other powder pajamas with the punches to the body of Li Shizhong, Jane burst of chaos hammer. Huangfu Park Ya this twist, the body is opened a joint the spring Zhaxian, exposing more than half white thighs., human life is not her. just friction with Qiaotun Li Shizhong, Jane's little brother, immediately prompting it to fire, lifted high muzzle, to make the initiative launched at any time posture the Huangfu Park Ya Fenquan impossible to pose any threat to the Li Shizhong Jane can he was freeing the other hand, one of the Huangpu Park Ya another Yubi clinging, so she could not move. "you villain, let go fast ..." Huangfu Park Ya still have to continue to shout curse down , but only scolded this one, the next unable to pay condemning, but into a vague "whining" sound, turned her cherry mouth Li Shizhong, Jane has been completely mouth to a tightly airtight seal. began, Huangfu Park Ya "whining" sound but also issued several more intermittent, but then even this simple sound no Li Shizhong Jane coarse tongue ,fake oakley sunglasses, like a Guaimang, down the Huangfu Park Ya that crying, and rushed into the mouth slightly open from the. Huangfu Park Ya severely bitten on the results see Li Shizhong Jane did a cent retreat mean, finally, also had to give up slowly ... slowly ... Huangpu Park Ya gave up all resistance useless body is no longer twist, Fenquan, also is no longer Cookin, Yinya, nor Zaihen bite.