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Heard Shuitianyise manor villas for sale, you go tomorrow to inquire, go take a look, If you're happy, it bought it. "Li Shizhong said Jane." What Shuitianyise manor? you want to buy a villa there? "the Huangfu Park Jada wide open two beautiful eyes, could not believe their ears camel asked one." ah, is Shuitianyise manor where I was some time ago I heard where villas for sale I thought should have not sold out, tomorrow you find someone to inquire about, if the price feels right to use your name to fix it up first. "Li Shizhong, Jane does not like a joke to say. "You know, there is a villa How much does it cost you? least have to be tens of millions, you want to buy a villa there? This will not be a high fever Shao Shao confused?" Huangfu Park Ya talking Station up around the coffee table, walked ten Jane Lee in front, projecting a soft jade body Li Shizhong,fake oakley sunglasses, Jane's forehead gently touched a faint hint of the aroma, With the the Huangfu Park elegant Jiaoqu, hand spread Li Shizhong, Jane nose, so he felt very good news, "his mother, you bitch dare to take liberties with the boy?" Li Shizhong, Jane has always been bold, not to mention the Huangfu Park elegant looks of this on the eye candy, so he would have heart endless, and now has been so opportunities where willing to easily let go? Jane rapid Li Shizhong a deft and fast Conspire caught Huangfu Park Ya want to back out of the Yu Wan, along the gently toward pregnant. Huangfu Park elegant slender weak qualitative woman, which to be able to endure this gently along the Li Shizhong, Jane, not to mention that she was not mentally prepared, "Ah!" light calls out, Li Shizhong Jane into the arms quickly let go, "What do you want? ... ... "the Huangfu Park Ya Li ten Jane arms twist struggling, trying to get out Li Shizhong, Jane's embrace, her lips screaming despite a Yu Wan Li Shizhong Jane seize unable to move, she wielded the other powder pajamas with the punches to the body of Li Shizhong, Jane burst of chaos hammer. Huangfu Park Ya this twist, the body is opened a joint the spring Zhaxian, exposing more than half white thighs., human life is not her. just friction with Qiaotun Li Shizhong, Jane's little brother, immediately prompting it to fire, lifted high muzzle, to make the initiative launched at any time posture the Huangfu Park Ya Fenquan impossible to pose any threat to the Li Shizhong Jane can he was freeing the other hand, one of the Huangpu Park Ya another Yubi clinging, so she could not move. "you villain, let go fast ..." Huangfu Park Ya still have to continue to shout curse down , but only scolded this one, the next unable to pay condemning, but into a vague "whining" sound, turned her cherry mouth Li Shizhong, Jane has been completely mouth to a tightly airtight seal. began, Huangfu Park Ya "whining" sound but also issued several more intermittent, but then even this simple sound no Li Shizhong Jane coarse tongue ,fake oakley sunglasses, like a Guaimang, down the Huangfu Park Ya that crying, and rushed into the mouth slightly open from the. Huangfu Park Ya severely bitten on the results see Li Shizhong Jane did a cent retreat mean, finally, also had to give up slowly ... slowly ... Huangpu Park Ya gave up all resistance useless body is no longer twist, Fenquan, also is no longer Cookin, Yinya, nor Zaihen bite.

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There appears knot generation promoting Pulse Activity fifty times when necessary can be extended to the second or third 50 movable, always in order to achieve the discern pulse for the purpose, so each candidate clock time for 3 to 5 minutes should not give two press rashly Li Shizhong Jane as a medical prodigy sub possessed these rules of course know how Moreover,cheap oakley sunglasses, is the first patient in the true sense, of course, pay more attention to, where will rashly? each side turned to the three 50th move as much., let Ping Yu Chi somewhat strange her own vein see ten Zhen Li is the time, not only did not watch count, but also closed his eyes slightly up in the end in the hell do not know the world's most expensive doctor consultation fees, which also aroused her interest in Li Shizhong, Jane the of Ping Yu Chi the left and right hands alternately are attending again, the overall feeling "pulse to detente ", this heart more bottom, open prescription. Ping Yu Chi see Li Shizhong, Jane No. After the pulse has motioned own hand down, they face some strong up began brewing, this heart is right again sank, "It seems that this time the white is coming!" Doctor, this is what disease? "Ping Yu Chi or heart especially unwilling to ask out Li Shizhong, Jane is thinking about the medication, her sentence interrupted, just to be on her explanation about it, heard his room Xiaobing Jie suddenly exclaimed, "Ten brother, surface bubble better yet? I almost starved to death." Li Shizhong Jane doctor pharmaceutical most do not like to be disturbed, encountered these strange disease is especially true now, hear the cry of the Xiaobing Jie, they retorted snappily, not boiling water do you want to eat? obediently Wait a minute, or else call you Yujie bubble you go. "Xiao Bingjie now not only is not stupid, and extremely clever to hear Li Shizhong Jane breath poor but also to hear a stranger speak outside, they will not facto, just "Oh,cheap oakley sunglasses," a cry, it is no longer silent, continue to watch TV programs. Zhen finished Xiaobing Jie, Li Shizhong, this looked flat the Yu Chi smiled and said: "What are you depression, qi phlegm, phlegm obstruction minded soul lost of the disease. "Ping Yu Chi listen to Li Shizhong Jane say so long nonaggressive, in addition to a" depression "may understand, the other Yigai they did not understand, involuntarily gently shook his head and said: "What is sputum? me where sputum? but I never cough, sputum where?" Li Shizhong, Jane listened to Ping Yu Chi words to know her this is not at all do not understand, it is indispensable to scientific knowledge, which sputum in two ways, which we call as "visible phlegm" and "invisible sputum so-called visible sputum, is that we can be seen by the naked eye, that we spit from the mouth sputum. "invisible sputum, refers to the body of phlegm qi." Ping Yu listened to the explanation of Li Shizhong Jane Chi, or Sidongfeidong, he said that "visible sputum, she can understand, but that so-called" invisible sputum as foggy could not help but ask: "What is the phlegm of gas?" "so-called phlegm qi, is a pathological substances affect the normal function of the human body." Li Shizhong Jane to finish the sentence, to see flat Yu Chi or seems to not understand it, they do not want to be something more abstract solution

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Forward to disciple out of thin air and flying and without the aid of foreign objects can fly, nature is of God more than the figures. Retreat was accounted for a the jersey full stomach go bad mood, want the left to the right, hold for a half an hour or so , finally let him come up with the Xiling where suitable knot Dan; to say jersey is not in the martial art of the knot Dan, but looking around field junction Dan is a reason the Crane faction of the Heart is well known in the jersey did not become the first The system rewards Crane Dzogchen build the base of successful players, the Heart of the Crane School - Crane Heart is the only repair to build the base, you want to knot Dan is impossible; jersey built base success faction, order the crane Heart knot Dan, but it can only repair to knot the late Dan satisfactorily, but it is not enough to want to knot the infant. now his division Fuyun He sub still retreat knot Dan jersey sects within the knot Dan visions caused by knot Dan will certainly be seen, it is estimated that it will cause guess, especially River State medium martial Chao Fapai this martial art seems to have been Crane faction has a very complex emotions. On the one hand stole the crane send all their land, hand, to prevent outsiders bully Crane faction, to retain the last vestiges of the vigor of the crane sent, so complex emotions, within bound story; course, jersey temporarily did not go to explore, but he knows can not be used in the martial art of the knot Dan, to avoid attracted unnecessary trouble. the fate wanted is playing Edict Edict mountain hardy insects, suddenly flying through the sky, a silhouette, and the fate of wanted down not to act rashly, January before a pass is jersey Cookin let him know before you did not see the situation, it is best not to hands, otherwise the expense of their own is likely to be to see come to who between Tsuruko cauldron, the fate of the wanted glad that they have not previously hands, otherwise, who fell out with the open book as fast as the cauldron, certainly would resorted to torture their own people the means of terror; pending to listen clearly cauldron requirements, the fate of the wanted Paizhaoxiongtang no problem, can certainly help to between Tsuruko cauldron. the large sects Chuan Songzhen extending in all, the the Lingshi amount of cross-domain transfer consumption is very large, but only in the domain interstate transmission, those who consumed large martial art, is a tiny fraction of the; jersey is to fate wanted to help him transfer to Xiling state of Figure, there is the the Der Spiegel Zen of the edge of a farm, it is also a very serene place Ah cultivation soared as the three Lu Qu hospital faction three disciples, he went from ninth Third,oakley s; fate wanted or considerable energy,oakley split jacket, ran to find his teacher says on a pass, his teacher wrote Ling Fu, the rallying point of the martial art Chuansong Zhen arrived with a jersey; here to light every moment in the sky, the flow of people out of the train station is also strong. jersey standing Chuansong Zhen, wanted a wave toward the fate of the entire people disappear in Chuansong Zhen fate wanted pondering in the battle outside The cauldron went Figure state do? Could it be there and there are not a good thing? The the Xiling martial qualifying Der Zen is a madding crowd of the martial art, this point was very nonsense with the world without contention also ranks third? Nima kidding ah? However, Figure State does

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Chi the first ruler no exception, he can not withstand the consequences of all magic weapon damage when the magic weapon for all to take it back, the drum sound attack force transferred to him, jersey feel as an independent boat in the sea, in the huge waves in the constant ups and downs, but did not capsize tenacious; does not capsize because from his strong a huge Shashen of spiritual power, single computing drum sound is not particularly tough, its tough place no interval,jordans shoes cheap, a wave of Kuangyong from wave, so that the jersey's spiritual power is consumed. the body bones drum sound caused by the pressure of the system gurgling sounds, facial features at their own blood spill, enormous spiritual power can only be maintained throughout body not be tumbled, but all-pervasive tone of attack, but while consumption jersey spiritual power, washed his facial features and bone. "stupid." when Jiangan does not support, jersey fierce flash, cursed soon after,air jordan football cleats, the "feathering Chizuru spell cast out, flapping its wings fast toward Shangcuan go, the huge strong evil spiritual power reserves, jersey have been able to support out of the shadow of the drum sound; around is still a dark, but the row back down the sea like a drum sound disappeared jersey large relief operation immediately after Heart began to reject the spiritual power, spiritual power scattered empty is a rather time-consuming, especially high repair comprehension for all spiritual power emptying, jersey feel a burst of dizziness, the spiritual power to do empty flight spell a natural death, the body suddenly to fall to the fall of the speed is not fast, jersey able to feel at some distance yourself The body always slightly pause before the drum sound does not occur again. I do not know how long, when the body after the ninth standstill shortly after, jersey abruptly feeling shines, startled his spirit, immediately began with the top grade crush the hands clenched, Lingshi behind spiritual power flowing in the body, with the operation of the Heart, the spiritual force toward body continued to spread open; one grade the Lingshi behind spiritual power, jersey is like a drop in the ocean, but he did not dare to supplement the spiritual power, the ghost know below what the situation. supplement spiritual force, only to avoid being killed, while nine body before a pause, let him confidence again full nine standstill sure it is nine organs; now nine organs were touch and broken, he resumed the spiritual power naturally be attacks do not have to worry about. the body steadily falls on a chaos rubble on the ground here very well, the sun also can not be irradiated to this, but the jersey was able to feel here seems light irradiation, but he did not to the light source; carefully observed around to be discovered around there is no spiritual power fluctuations, jersey slightly relieved that no spiritual power fluctuations, on behalf of what monster with comprehension by the spiritual power in the air is stable, unless comprehension to absorb the spiritual power, otherwise not what the frequency of fluctuations. naturally clear bell the peak snow at the end of the palace entrance, jersey in the rubble to find that at the bubbling springs and Chung, then spread in the spring four weeks the two were inscribed "bell" ; stone characters with "drum", moved to the spring at the spring

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After a somewhat interesting flavor pops out of the grasping in the top of the fullness of chest Irene,oakley polarized lenses, forced to rub up his strength is so great, as if trying to block with clothing to scratch general. hard while rubbing his side gently smiled and said: "This feeling ... Do you like it? Irene Miss!" two shares Qinglei from Irene corner of the eye to flow out of her body backward Suzhe, without the slightest Scarlet lips more pale, she wants to shoot open the hand of the jerseys, but could do nothing, only slight moaning: "Do not ... do not ... pain .... .. "jerseys the eyes flashed Jisi strange color, this woman and ring tones are too similar, just one under their own rage be offended, but she is in such circumstances? jerseys ah jerseys, Do you want to play a hijacking? jerseys in mind a laugh, if need be, he is definitely no shortage of women in front of this woman ... let go of the hand, jerseys patted Irene delicate face, after a moment, hehe smile, said: "Do not be so nervous ... I do not have much interest in wood, so I do not how you .... .. but this place is so interesting, my future, but will be more than a few times he left the bed, looked back Irene a lightly: "I'll go first, future opportunities Goodbye! "he finished, jerseys also gave up the other hand, pushed open the door and strode out to outside the room, jerseys or slight shake their heads and sigh loudly, this really is a good man ah ... If you do change the usual words, how would polite thinking, jerseys hearts of more and more weary He quickly walked toward the downstairs, only the first time to leave this place, or else their own might be tempted to go to the woman strong! really is an attractive guy! his heart sigh through a long corridor to the main building, and next to the downstairs after, jerseys hearts are still filled with a variety of wacky ideas, Actually, I'm more attention to the side of the situation. went to the door to the home of the elves, suddenly saw a flash from the door side out, see the jerseys, originally face anxious face finally loose a little, and he looked up and down the jerseys glances, to see the look he had no injury, only sighed and said: "jerseys Master, are you okay old servant relieved! the jerseys a closer look, only now come to is the old Mark, he looked at the hearts also understand that today such a big thing, the family will send someone to pick their own normal wizard looked back home one, but found that Wizard Curie guests at the moment have been going to 7788, only a dozen warriors waited outside the gate. jerseys walked in front of one of the samurai, whispered: "Fisher His Royal Highness still inside. ? "that samurai looked down and said:" Your Excellency