Wednesday, March 27, 2013

cheap oakley sunglasses Jane is thinking about the medication

There appears knot generation promoting Pulse Activity fifty times when necessary can be extended to the second or third 50 movable, always in order to achieve the discern pulse for the purpose, so each candidate clock time for 3 to 5 minutes should not give two press rashly Li Shizhong Jane as a medical prodigy sub possessed these rules of course know how Moreover,cheap oakley sunglasses, is the first patient in the true sense, of course, pay more attention to, where will rashly? each side turned to the three 50th move as much., let Ping Yu Chi somewhat strange her own vein see ten Zhen Li is the time, not only did not watch count, but also closed his eyes slightly up in the end in the hell do not know the world's most expensive doctor consultation fees, which also aroused her interest in Li Shizhong, Jane the of Ping Yu Chi the left and right hands alternately are attending again, the overall feeling "pulse to detente ", this heart more bottom, open prescription. Ping Yu Chi see Li Shizhong, Jane No. After the pulse has motioned own hand down, they face some strong up began brewing, this heart is right again sank, "It seems that this time the white is coming!" Doctor, this is what disease? "Ping Yu Chi or heart especially unwilling to ask out Li Shizhong, Jane is thinking about the medication, her sentence interrupted, just to be on her explanation about it, heard his room Xiaobing Jie suddenly exclaimed, "Ten brother, surface bubble better yet? I almost starved to death." Li Shizhong Jane doctor pharmaceutical most do not like to be disturbed, encountered these strange disease is especially true now, hear the cry of the Xiaobing Jie, they retorted snappily, not boiling water do you want to eat? obediently Wait a minute, or else call you Yujie bubble you go. "Xiao Bingjie now not only is not stupid, and extremely clever to hear Li Shizhong Jane breath poor but also to hear a stranger speak outside, they will not facto, just "Oh,cheap oakley sunglasses," a cry, it is no longer silent, continue to watch TV programs. Zhen finished Xiaobing Jie, Li Shizhong, this looked flat the Yu Chi smiled and said: "What are you depression, qi phlegm, phlegm obstruction minded soul lost of the disease. "Ping Yu Chi listen to Li Shizhong Jane say so long nonaggressive, in addition to a" depression "may understand, the other Yigai they did not understand, involuntarily gently shook his head and said: "What is sputum? me where sputum? but I never cough, sputum where?" Li Shizhong, Jane listened to Ping Yu Chi words to know her this is not at all do not understand, it is indispensable to scientific knowledge, which sputum in two ways, which we call as "visible phlegm" and "invisible sputum so-called visible sputum, is that we can be seen by the naked eye, that we spit from the mouth sputum. "invisible sputum, refers to the body of phlegm qi." Ping Yu listened to the explanation of Li Shizhong Jane Chi, or Sidongfeidong, he said that "visible sputum, she can understand, but that so-called" invisible sputum as foggy could not help but ask: "What is the phlegm of gas?" "so-called phlegm qi, is a pathological substances affect the normal function of the human body." Li Shizhong Jane to finish the sentence, to see flat Yu Chi or seems to not understand it, they do not want to be something more abstract solution

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